Homes for Sale in Society Hill

Historic homes at Society Hill in Philadelphia, USA

Charm Typifies Society Hill

Society Hill offers the finest in real estate value that the Philadelphia area has to offer.  The district displays a splendid array of luxury homes sited along tree lines streets.  There is a stunning array of architectural treasures to be found along the lanes here that are often made up of cobblestones befitting the historic nature of this old established area.  Many of the luxury homes found here date back to the 18th and early 19th Century.  They have been lovingly tended and represent high value real estate.

Many of these luxury homes are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.  In addition to the single family luxury homes available here, there is a profusion of Federal and Georgian style townhouses interspersed with more modern high rise residential towers filled with modern condos and apartments.

Society Hill takes its name from the Society of Traders, an 18th Century association of merchants who had their headquarters here on Front St.  The group was headed by William Penn and was instrumental in controlling commerce with England.

The area is rich in history and includes Independence National Historic Park.  Throngs of visitors flock here to visit Independence Hall where the Constitution was written.  The park complex also serves as a focal point for the community.

So Much to See Here

Many visitors to Independence Park take the time to walk around this district stopping to admire the impressive architecture to be found in luxury homes.  The area is considered to be one of the highest value places for real estate in the Philadelphia region.  Most residents here are relatively affluent, and there are many smart shops and restaurants designed to appeal to their tastes.

Head House Square is another popular destination for visitors.  This historic zone has many shops and cafes and hosts a farmer’s market every weekend.  Walnut Street marks the northern boundary of Society Hill and Lombard St. the southern.  East to west, the district stretches from the Delaware River to Lombard St.

History Predominates Throughout

Society Hill has always played an important role in the civic life of Philadelphia.  Early on, it became one of the most populous districts.  The real estate here has long been associated with luxury homes.  The affluent citizens of yesteryear choose to build brick houses in this locale.  In addition, the region developed market halls and other sites devoted to commerce.  There were churches and taverns as well.

In the 19th Century, Philadelphia’s growth was mainly a westward expansion, and the region began to fall out of favor.  Society Hill seemed to have been left behind, and by the 50’s many of the old luxury homes were looking anything but.  Many had fallen into disrepair, but then city, state, and federal government joined together in one of the first urban renewal projects undertaken in this country.  Things have been looking up ever since.  Society Hill is once again valuable real estate where luxury homes abound.

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Boundaries: North/South: Walnut St. to Lombard St.
East/West: Delaware River to 8th St.
School information: Residents of Society Hill are zoned to the General George A. McCall
School for grades K-8 and Furness High School.

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South Street Headhouse District:

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