Homes for Sale in Girard Estate

Girard Estate has Luxury Homes and a Lifestyle to Match

Girard Estates homes offer the finest in real estate that the Philadelphia region has to offer.  The renowned South Philadelphia neighborhood has a history that befits the region which served as the cradle for our nation’s founding.  It has developed style and grace from its early inception by the merchant Stephen Girard in the late 18th Century.

The homes vary in architectural style.  More so than in the nearby neighborhoods where 2 and 3 story row houses predominate.  Real estate here can range from bungalow style to luxury homes in Colonial Revival style.

There are also many more styles of luxury homes to choose from including Mission Style, Jacobean Revival, and prairie.  Taken together, they make for an interesting blend in a neighborhood that is family friendly.

What this all means for a buyer is value.  Real estate in Girard Estate is an investment that is safe with appreciation rates that are reliable.  Such is the hallmark of neighborhoods that are stable and that have remained so for a very long time.

GENA Welcomes Newcomers to the Neighborhood

The Gerard Estate Neighbors Association (GENA) always welcomes newcomers to the neighborhood.  Their stated goal is “providing a voice for the community.”  They notify residence of all local town hall meetings and let people know of upcoming issues of importance in the area such as discussions of any changes to local zoning.  Through their efforts, there are never any sudden developments that are suddenly thrust into this historic neighborhood.

GENA is a volunteer organization that seeks to preserve the residential tranquility and enhance the quality of living in Girard Estate.  They are vigilant in their efforts to retain the historic nature of the neighborhood.  They act as advocates for all the residents no matter if they are in the most modest bungalow or in luxury homes.  GENA ala serves as the clearing house to distribute information regarding community events.

Philadelphia a Top City for Preservation

No other American city has made as much of an effort at preserving its historic features as has Philadelphia.  Perhaps no other neighborhood has done as much to retain its original character as Girard Estate.  Below is a citation from a century ago that still rings true today.

Those remarks are exactly the sentiments someone strolling through the neighborhood might make today.  If anything, the trees have grown larger and lusher giving the neighborhood a verdant feel despite being conveniently close to the downtown area of Philadelphia.  Luxury homes can be had in communities clear across the country, but it is a rare treat to find them linked to a historic district where prices remain affordable.  The real estate in this locale will be a place where the buyer will want to settle in and enjoy the comforts of a friendly community.  Girard Estate is a neighborhood that one can easily fall in love with.

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Boundaries: North/South: Mifflin St./Pollock St.
East/West: Broad St./22nd St.

Girard Estate Neighbors Association:


Content Courtesy of Mike McCann