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Bella Vista a Vibrant Place

Bella Vista is a largely residential community located just south of downtown Philadelphia.  For a district so close to the city center, it is free of the noise and heavy traffic of the bustling city center.  The tree lined streets are perfect for strolling.  One can walk along streets filled with small shops, cafes, and many small businesses.  Many of these have been here a long time.  Bella Vista has a strong sense of community and is filled with residents who care about the neighborhood.

The Italian Market is perhaps the most renowned piece of real estate in Bella Vista.  It stretches for some distance along South 9th St.  Philadelphia’s Italian Market is the oldest and largest of its sort in the country.  It is a combination of indoor and outdoor food emporium with many stalls are rented out to local merchants who sell produce and meats.  Practically anything food related can be found at the Italian Market.  It features kitchenware, spices, and a number of bakeries.

There is also now a Latin flavored shopping district in Bella Vista that reflects a recent increase in the Hispanic population.

Strange as it sounds South St. forms the northern boundary to this zone and Washington Ave. the southern.  East to west, the community stretches from West 6th St. to 11th St.

Festivals Celebrate Community

Bella Vista hosts a number of festivals where civic pride gets to show off some.  The aforementioned Italian Market has its very own festival.  There is in addition the more all encompassing Bella Vista Festival.  Community events in this district tend towards cultural enrichment. There are public concerts and works of art shown at the Fleisher Art Gallery and the Mew Gallery.  Music may also be heard at many of the coffee houses in the area.

The first neighborhood that Italian immigrants settled into in Philadelphia was Bella Vista.  Italians still comprise a significant portion of the population.  Many who have been here a long time enjoy playing bocce at Bardascino Park.  There is even a league devoted to the sport that plays here.  Bardisino Park is located at 10th and Carpenter Streets.  There are also community gardens at 10th and Kimball.  Both of these locations are considered prime real estate and have many luxury homes to offer.

Education Respected 

There is a long tradition of devotion to reading by residents of Bella Vista.  The Santore Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia is located here.  The area is also home to numerous schools.  Among these are William Merideth School, Andrew Jackson School, and George Nebinger School.  Most high school students here go to Furness High.

The real estate values in this zone holds up well.  Luxury homes can be expected to appreciate considerably in the coming years.  If owning a luxury home conveniently close to the downtown area is your aim, consider looking around Bella Vista.

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Boundaries: North/South: South St./Washington Ave.
East/West: 6th St./11th St.

School information: Portions of the area are served by Andrew Jackson Elementary School, William M. Meredith School and George W. Nebinger School. All residents of Bella Vista are zoned to Furness High School.

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Content Courtesy of Mike McCann