Jim Marks


jimmarksJim Marks calls himself an Internet Anthropologist, but we refer to him as Batman. His remarkable ability to create effective strategies that no one else has even considered, his obsession with a cause (your website), and his amazing detective skills (knowing what the client wants & needs and how to get it) have earned him that title.  An enthusiastic and engaging speaker, he has spent his career studying the habits and expectations of the Internet Consumer. Between long hours in dark rooms staring at spreadsheets and cardboard cutouts of Internet families to learn their every click habit… and his frequent trips to Starbucks strictly for demographic studies, Jim has learned what it takes to dominate on the internet.

As President of Virtual Results, Jim teaches businesses how to WIN by using effective Web Design, efficient Social Media, SEO “Magic” and Data Management to drive traffic AND convert it to business. He has a reputation for casting aside common misconceptions and using statistical analysis (real numbers) to prove what actually works and what doesn’t… and hey, if that doesn’t interest you…  He can buy you a beer, a favorite subterfuge technique of Bruce Wayne, which explains yet another similarity between our fearless leader and Batman.



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